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My loves :)

I’m soooooooo ashamed of myself. The main reason(s) why I finally stepped up and started investing my money, & my time in photography was because of Nolan & Noah.. my twins,.. & then when Mason was born, it just made my love for photography become even MORE bottomless. I used to drag them everywhere to take pictures of them, and here lately I’ve been so busy taking pictures of other people.. and it makes me sad that I havent taken pictures.. ya know.. REAL pictures of them since.. APRIL. omg & that was so I’d have something to give back in thank you cards for people who attended their birthday party in May.. lol  … Like I said,.. I’m extremely ashamed of myself.  So yesterday, I put them in jeans and dragged them out in the backyard after 7 pm.. I waited a while to take them outside since we do live in Northeast Texas.. and it only got up to about 106(!!!) yesterday!!! Humidity at FULL force, too, I might add! Needless to say.. I took pictures for about 10 minutes. The twins were perfect little angels.. Mason.. not so much. 😉   He didn’t like any part of the whole.. “sit still” idea. lol    (& I bribed the twins with candy ) haha…

Anyways, here are a few pictures of my loves. The signs they are holding are made by Dayna White who lives here in Paris. They were all given to the kiddos for their birthday back in May from Savanha.. and I knew I wanted to do something with them in a shoot when I first saw them and I’m JUST now getting around to it! lol

To my loves: Nolan, Noah, + Mason.. I love you. You complete me. You fill my heart up with love in every single spot. I was put on this earth just to be your Mommy, & the three of you are JUST what my soul needed  to make me a better person.

XOXO, Mommy

My goofball, Noah 🙂 My oldest, Nolan.. my lovie 🙂& the baby.. Mason.. who makes every step his big brothers do.. and every jump and dive too! Little daredevil! 🙂He was blowing me a kiss in these photos.. see above and below :)…….mmmmmmmmmmwahhh! 🙂


You have some handsome lil men! I admire you for having twins…I admire you for have three boys, plus one (Jeremy) lol. You are one heck of a Momma! I’m glad your photography has taken off like it has, you’re an awesome person and I’m glad to call you my friend! 🙂

Kristin LaRue

Aww, Thanks Savanha! 🙂 They are sooooooo flippin handsome. I will either be a young grandma, or I’ll be beating girls off with baseball bats.. Which one do you think sounds like me? lol.. Yup.. Baseball bats.. I better start investing!!!

dayna white ballard

thanks so much for the ‘mention’ i love the pics!!!! you’ll be gettin some ‘mentions’ of your own from me!!!