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SINCE 2008

My Mason

While big brothers are at school, it’s just me and my little squirt, Mason.

& while they are learning about addition and subtraction, Mason has the pleasure of accompanying me to manicure/pedicure appointments.. helping me vacuum, do laundry, dust baseboards.. and other girly/mommy stuff that I do during the day.  While I’m editing photos, he’s sitting beside me on the other computer playing on Nick .. or if I’m on the couch reading my Ipad, he’s sitting beside me, snuggling and watching whatever ridiculousness he can find on TV (for example: Uncle Grandpa.. whoever the creative genius is behind this show, I owe you a punch to the face. with a chair. Maybe Miley Cyrus would even let me borrow her mallet. Dumbest show.. ever!) Anyways, Mason has always been attached at my hip and rarely is he anywhere else. It’s his last year of being my personal little shopping/cleaning buddy before he starts kinder next August..and what a sad day that will be, dude. I’m going to be lost without my shadow! I’m super sad really.. even thinking about it.. and it’s a whole year from now.

Because you’re so freaking adorable.

Even when you embarrass me at Toyota’s waiting area by announcing in front of a handful of elderly women that, “HEYYYY OLD LADIES DRIVE SO SLOWWWWWWW!!!!” (I wish I was kidding.. happened yesterday in fact.)

I love you Mason Brodie.




He is adorable! And looking way too grown up.