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Nolan turned 1!! :)

Nolan is one cute little dude!  First birthday sessions are always bittersweet to me because I think that the time our children are actually tiny little “babies” is just such a sweet and short time. It goes by sooooooo quickly. After the first birthday pictures, normally that baby chub is walked/ran off and next thing ya know, the terrible twos’ start in.. hahaha (which is what I am currently experiencing with my Mason.. argh!) hahaha & then you REALLY miss that tiny little baby phase.. lol back when they looked at you with adoration and eyes full of trust and love.. and couldn’t scream “NO, MOMMY” at you or throw themselves into the floor screeching at the top of their lungs if they don’t get their but then again, maybe that’s just something my children do. LOL

Nolan, hun.. you are a doll..SOOOOOOOOOO sweet and I had such a good time taking your pictures!

xoxo, Kristin


Such an adorable lil fella! And that cake looked so good..says the preggo lady! LOL