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Old Time Transport

Remember my last post of Aaron & Savanha Barnes? Well, all of the photographs were taken at Aaron’s Dad, Roger’s, horse farm! Anyways, Roger has a wagonette and a couple of vis-a-vis that he uses with the horses for weddings, parades, and other events. If you went to Aaron & Savanha’s wedding, you would have seen them in action. OMG. They were beautiful.. added THE perfect touch to Savanha’s country wedding. I was able to meet these horses while taking pictures, and I must say, every single one of them are well behaved, will let you touch their faces, take their pictures.. they aren’t a bit shy. & They are absolutely HUGE horses!!!!  

If you’re interested, take a look at his website:



wooohooo! Love those horses, and i’m not a big fan of horses. Ruth is my fav, and you can see her pics on Roger’s web-site!