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one little, two little, three little indians.

Mason (my two year old) received an amazing gift in the mail a couple of weeks back. The sweet man that made Nolan & Noah’s bows made Mason one also.

Custom made just for him and his two year old sassy self.

& He is absolutely in love with it. & feels like such a big boy with it.

My baby is growing up on me.(sad face)

We took the boys to Archers for Christ to shoot their bows and let Mason try out his new one.. and I’m embarrassed to say that .. we did that during Spring Break.. and I am just now getting a chance to post these photos. lol Life has been so busy for me.. and I’m so gracious. Incredibly gracious!! I never dreamed in a million years that I would be this busy..doing something that I love SO much!

Anyways, my little indians  absolutely LOVE shooting their bows and I enjoy watching them get so excited each time they hit the target.

Archers for Christ is an amazing place. There is a trail thru a huge section of woods.. and you just follow it. You’re in the middle of nowhere.. & life seems to stand still.  You hear and see the leaves wrestling around in the breeze..the birds singing their perfectly tuned melodies..the warm haze of the sun beaming thru the trees..

Combined, they all seem to make me forget about all of the chores waiting for me at home.. all of the photo sessions that need to be edited.. and I focus on my children and how they are slowly becoming little men. I say slowly.. but when I look back and think of how I brought them into this world almost 6 years ago.. I remember their first cries so vividly.. and it seems like it was just yesterday. It’s very sad for this Mommy how sometimes time passes by too fast..

While you look thru the photos,.. check out how amazing these bows are.

Nolan & Noah are five, and the bows they are shooting with are 48″ and they are absolutely perfect for them. Mason’s new bow is at a perfect 36″ and he shoots it with the help of his Daddy. I can’t wait to see how much he learns using it!

Thanks again Mr. Chrestman for making these amazing bows!

If you would like more information about a custom bow for your child, or even can contact Mr.  James Chrestman by the following..


Little River Bows

152 Yelverton Road

Rolling Fork, MS 39159

Phone: 901-493-4684


You can also find him on as JamesV

shelly keller

Oh Kristin!! I am in love with these!!! I NEED these for the boys!! wonderful shots! and such talented boys 😉

Bob Urban

James -thanks for the link. Very nice work. Do you have anything in stock? What is the cost? Forgive me but at this point I am the go-between for my wrestlers mother. her name is Michelle and Carter is her son that will be getting the bow so if you eventually hear from her do not be surprised?

Thanks again – Bob Urban