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It’s snowing! In Paris,.. Texas.. wow! I can probably count on just one hand how many times it’s snowed like THIS in my lifetime. This photo was taken at 11 this morning.. it’s 1 something now and EVERYTHING is white.. and it’s STILL coming down.. huge giant flakes. It’s beautiful. I’ll be adding more pictures to this post later.

Noah in the snow.. 🙂

Nolan in the snow. He thought it was soooooo funny! 🙂

Here’s a picture of the same view from earlier.. but fast forward four hours to 2 pm. 🙂

anybody wanna have a picnic?

I love the snow covered trees in the background! 🙂

first snowball fight.. ever!

Dorie enjoying the snow! 🙂

snowball fight with Daddy!

feb. 11, twentyten