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Or at least I think it’s day 38. Wow. I didnt blog at all yesterday.. I needed a break. I worked on my website a little and it occupied alot of my time after all the kiddos went to bed. If you stopped by the blog any today and for some reason it wasn’t loading, it was NOT my fault. Pinky swear! lol WordPress was down for a good chunk of time today and it interrupted my P365 blogging time. lol Today my new camera, lens, & flash ,.. along with accessories needed to run the stuff, arrived at my front door. Let me just say this , compared to my other DSLR,… this new one is a CHUNK. It is heavy! Ofcourse it’s a Canon too,.. it’s the only product I’ll use. I went out exploring with the new camera.. with what little battery time it had until needing to be charged, and got to know it a little bit. I’ll admit… I’m kinda scared of it. lol It’s not as user friendly as my other one.. or maybe I’ve just gotten to know it like the back of my hand considering i’ve had it for two years. I’ll get to know this one too.. It cant be THAT much harder to figure out. .. could it?

Anyways, it came with a lens (for extra $$$) but I’ve been wanting this lens for a while now so it was worth the added dough! I LOVE THIS LENS! Canon never lets me down!

Here are a couple of shots that I got today… that I was able to do a little “somethin-somethin” with. I couldnt stay out too long because my kids were screaming, watching me from the back door. lol Poor babies!

Furbaby Dorie, in her argyle sweater. She’s pimp.. and A-dorie-ble.. haha.. get it? okay, I’ll quit.  

A macro shot. Not too shabby. I’m lovin this!  

I’m getting my hair done tomorrow, so I cant promise that there will be a posting on the blog.. It might be made up Saturday,… I have a session this weekend that’s been postponed,.. what.. a zillion times now, Mary? haha!! We keep waiting for the weather to be pretty, and the ground to dry a little.. this has been going on since January! haha  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!