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PROJECT 365: day 10

Okay so here’s another one of Nolan. I know I’ve probably done more of him than the others.. let me rephrase that. I know that I WILL do more of him than the others. Nolan loves the camera. He loves to pose. He loves everything about photography.. period. Noah hates it. He hates me taking his picture. & Mason.. well.. doesnt really sit still. 😉 But i’ll let him slide on that since he is 8 months old .. lol. All THREE of my babies are absolutely terrific. I’m excited to see how they will each make their mark on the world.

Here’s a picture of Nolan wearing his favorite hat. It’s by Osh Kosh, and it’s a little train engineer style hat.. He even wears it to bed. Seriously.. he really does wear it everywhere.