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PROJECT 365: day 11

This morning while I was sipping on my coffee, and watching my boys interact with each other I felt a huge sigh of relief. The twinks have allowed Mason into their “inner twin circle”.. If you are a sibling of twins..  you understand exactly what I’m saying. I personally have an older set of twin brothers. They never really let me play with them. I honestly felt like an only child because they left me alone and went and did their own thing. Yeah it could have been that because they were boys and I’m a girl. lol But, who knows. The picture I took today was of the boys. All 3 of ’em. In a playpen. So if you’re wondering about the weight limit of one of these things.. let’s see.. Mason is almost 20 pounds, Nolan is 30 pounds, & Noah is 35 pounds. So this particular playpen is holding around 85 pounds of boyness and all that entails 😉

Savanha cute! That is one sturdyy play pen! lol