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SINCE 2008

PROJECT 365: day 12

Dorie, barkin at the neighbors dogs.. .. what? I know.. she’s not one of my human babies.. but she’s  my fur baby! 😉 Poor dog has been through alot! When my husband got me this poor dog, we were newlyweds, didnt really have any plans for babies just yet.. and wouldnt you know it, 2 weeks after getting her, I discovered I was expecting.. we later found out that it was twins! She loves them so much though, she’ll let them do just about anything to her and she never gets mad at them at all. I think she got depressed when I brought Mason home.. she was probably thinking.. first it was JUST me, and I had it easy.. then you brought those two punks home.. and NOW ANOTHER ONE !! Give me a break woman!  lol..