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PROJECT 365: Day 16

I got alot of viewers on yesterday’s P365 of Nolan. Do yall like pictures of sleeping kids? or.. just wonderin. lol Well, I’m going to hook ya up again and give you a sleepy picture of Noah. He’s all snuggly with the gloworm my mother-in-law actually bought the baby for Christmas. The twinks had a FIT over it and so we had to go out and buy another one. They call them their “babies”.. I think it’s sweet. My husband thinks that I’m trying to turn them into little girls by letting them play with dolls.. but gloworms arent dolls! ARGH!! 😉 Who do you think is right.. me?? ;)… or him.. 😛    …. enjoy!


Of course you are right, cause ur da mommy!! lol Kids are too cute! Loving the gloworm!!!

Kayla D.

No! You are totally right…Malachi has a gloworm too..and that’s his “baby”…he also has a few “ugly dolls” from hastings that are “baby ox” and “baby bop n beep” lol