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PROJECT 365: day 19

I think the worst thing that EVER happened to my checking account,.. well besides getting married, having three sons, ect… was when Paris got it’s own personal Hobby Lobby. Wow. It seriously is my 2nd home. When I cant get out to go take a look at the latest and greatest in Hobbies, Home Decor, what-have-you… is on my computer screen.  It’s like, Canton on-line.. I have personally never experienced the greatness of Canton’s First Weekend but I hope to attend it someday! Till then, Etsy and Hobby Lobby keep me fixed. I took a picture of Mason today in this little bucket that I bought at Hobby Lobby (half off ofcourse.. :D) and I plan on somehow using it whenever I do the newborn shoot of my brand new nephew who is currently at 35 weeks gestation. Mason’s own personal best friend is due to arrive the first week of March.. but I have a STRONG feeling that he’ll let us meet him in February. Cant WAIT 😀