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Project 365: day 3

See this tiny, precious, little hand?

Exactly 8 months ago, yesterday, I saw it for the first time. Counted each little chubby finger on it  {like every Mommy of a new baby does} and held it in my hand realizing that I had then became a  Mommy to three boys. I realized how perfect he looked, & how much bigger he was than his older twin brothers were when they made their appearance on the exact same day three years earlier. This little hand loves to pull my hair, rip my glasses off of my face, grab my nose, pat me on the shoulder when I’m hugging the owner of it, and most of all, that tiny, chunky little hand has me wrapped around the smallest finger on it.. 😉 Mason is such a joy to me. I hate that he’s growing up so quickly. This is a picture of him holding onto his playpen crusing around in it. Children honestly do grow up so fast. That’s what I love about photography the most.. how it allows me to have something so that I can remember this exact moment forever.