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Project 365: day 7; Happy Birthday to me.

Since today-Monday is my 27th birthday,.. (woo).. lol.. I plan on doing absolutely nothing. That’s right. nada!  Not even laundry.. but, I’m sure you’ll catch me doing that at some point today. For today’s Project 365, i’m breaking the rules.. again. I’m posting another set of pictures that were taken.. previously (yesterday). But, you’ll understand why when you see them. My front & backyard have both been compeletely covered in leaves since.. well.. fall! My husband was dying of boredom Sunday and decided to rake a little and he made this huge massive pile of leaves and the twinks decided to jump off in it. Well, I say twinks,.. but really.. Nolan was the one who had the most fun. Noah, on the other hand,.. loved raking them! Anyways, enjoy the pictures and feel free to wish my old, decrepid, self.. Happy Birthday 😉

Watchin Daddy rake..By the way, Mason got that exersaucer for Christmas.. total lifesaver for me!!! it’s amazing!

Nolan in the middle of the pile. 😉

& Noah. Raking. lol