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Sandra & her family :)

Also met up with Sandra, her two daughters, her son-in-law, and Peanut a few weekends ago too!  We were going to do pictures out at a spot I love,.. but I figured we didn’t have time before the sun went, Sandra knew of a place on the trail de Paris that she wanted to do pictures at.. she mentioned a bridge, so I just assumed it was the one that was pretty close to the entrance.. So we drove down there, parked & got out of our cars,  and Sandra, & Peanut, led the way :).. we walked right past the bridge I knew.. and kept walking.. speed walking. LOL We walked,.. and we walked… and we walked a little further.. then came to a fork in the trail and walked that way. Finally after Sandra had heard me and her kiddos joke about Peanut (Sandra’s walking buddy) being in awesome shape for a dog, & complain enough about the location of the bridge.. (lol) she gave in and decided that pictures off in the woods would be fine. So I snapped some pictures of the family off in the woods, and some of the ladies on the trail..  LOL Let me say this,.. Sandra is in AMAZING shape… She does marathons!! I have never done a marathon in my life. Even the word,.. marathon… sounds exhausting to even say. 😉 Well, never did find that bridge!  Sandra took pity on us and we made the hike back to our vehicles to go to the next spot 🙂 lol

Good times, good times! I have so much fun on my shoots,.. and as you will notice when I blog I always say that! & it’s TRUE! I love the laughs I get from families! I love how they let me in and share a few minutes of their life with me. It seriously does make me feel special! Sandra your family made my day! I can tell that your daughters eat up every inch of your heart, and the way you all interact with each other, love each other, & laugh with each other would make anyone jealous! lol Oh and your son-in-law.. and his behind the camera dance moves that kept you guys laughing for me… were hysterical! Thanks so much for letting me spend an hour on a super cold sunday with you and your wonderful family!



Sometimes a picture  is so awesome to me that I have to post it in both black & white.. and color.. this is one of those times 😉


OMGah! that session looked like so much fun!