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SINCE 2008

Savannah & Stephen Rhodes {Siblings}

Monica sent me an fb message that she wanted me to do a session with her kiddos, Savannah & Stephen. Which made me happy. 😉 As you all know, Savannah, is my senior rep this year! She has this reserved innocence about her.. and that comes through in her pictures. She’s beautiful.. she’s stunning, & she’s very quiet. Well her brother Stephen.. is just as beautiful or, “handsome” should I say?.. but he’s not as quiet. As a matter of fact.. he’s not quiet at all. lol.  But, when you get Stephen around Savannah, she comes out of that “quiet” shell.. and becomes the big sister that she truly is. You’ll see in the following pictures just how much she “babies” her little brother.

She never picks on him, or messes up his hair… nope she never does stuff like that.

& she never, ever.. tries to push him into a pond. Nope.. Savannah wouldn’t do that at all 😉

& Stephen, he never,.. EVER.. embarrasses his big sister. That’s not something he would do. 😉

but he DID show me how to do the “dougie”.. 😉

Who “worked it” the most???TOUGH choice!!!

You two are amazing! I had such a fun time! I think you need to talk your Momma into getting into the pictures WITH yall though! 🙂  Savannah see you SOON for your SPRING session!!!!!!



I always enjoy seeing you Senior Savannah, she is beautiful! You can deff see a change through the pictures…especially these with her brother. She let loose! Awesome job KK! 🙂

Jennifer S.

Beautiful pictures and you can tell Savannah and Stephen are having fun! My husband and I have been looking for a new photographer and I think we found one! Great job KK!