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Sessions for 2010 part dos :)

Alright Ladies & Gents! These are the only session dates I have left for 2010.

NOVEMBER    23rd       27th

DECEMBER     4th      5th        11th      12th

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2333333333333333331 (That’s baby Mason saying hi! hahahaha)

2011 is going to bring in some awesome changes for all of us!

1.. I will be offering prints! (GASP!)      .. you no longer have to stand in line for hours at a kiosk printing out pictures.. I have 3 print lab companies lined up just so I can get the best of EVERYTHING! [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ (Mason says hi,.. again. lol)

2..Prices will be changing, & I will no longer be offering free disks with every session. You will still be able to purchase a high resolution disk of your session’s images if you would like to, but they will no longer be free. I’m sorry if this hurts any feelings 🙁 but the exciting part is that I  will be using dvd’s instead of regular cd’s. Awesome!

3..Breaking Dawn part 1 will hit movie theaters in November.. Okay so I’m excited about that one. LOL

4. If you book your session now before the end of 2010, you will still be able to get current session pricing.. but your session must be completely 100% paid up front.

5. I’m turning 28… okay so that’s not so great. 🙁

Anyways, love you guys! Thanks for supporting me. It means the WORLD to me.. REALLY!!!



Here’s a  picture from one of my sessions over the past weekend…


OHHHH I’m super excited for you!!! The new year will deff bring some awesome things to KL Photography, except for that whole turning 28 thing. hahaha Love ya KK!


oh and are you doing a session on a tuesday now?? Whats with the November 23rd?? 🙂

Kristin LaRue

My sitter will be off for thanksgiving that entire week, so I thought I’d try to squeeze in few more sessions. 🙂 lol