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Shelby -Seniors :)

Remember this name: Shelby Gilliam,.. because I kid you not.. it’s going to be famous one day. Shelby, a senior at North Lamar High School,  is a quadruple threat.. she’s gorgeous, she’s a talented actress, tap dancer… seriously.. model!.. there’s nothing she can’t do!  Her equally gorgeous mom got in touch with me a few weeks ago wanting to do Shelby’s senior session at the Paris Community Theatre.. & BOY.. did it suit Shelby to a T. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and play around with my lighting  (outside of my studio).. and the results were.. well you’ll see.. AMAZING. Oh, and on a side note, I’ve ALWAYS heard that this theatre was haunted.. but I never saw anything spooky, felt any cold breezes, or heard any screams of terror… hahaha!  😉

Anyways, Shelby is going to be one super uber famous actress one day.. and I’ll be able to say,.. Oh, Shelby? I shot her senior photos! 😉

Leslie Croy

WOW!!!!!! So many favorites from this!!! I totally love love LOVE her yellow hat!! I’m also in love with the studio lights and all the delicious shadows!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 Just beautiful!!!

Molly Allen

isn’t she absolutely beautiful!! i love everything about this shoot, she has got so much personality and it shows through every single picture!! i love love love this, i think it’s my favorite of all of your photos!! did i already tell you, i loved them??? 😉