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Sneak Peek part dos.

I’m leaving this one big, just so you can see the expression on Mary’s face. lol.. We were BOTH freakin out.. There were MILLIONS ..okay maybe not MILLIONS.. but.. there were aLOT of wood bees flying around.. and I was soooooo nervous that Kenneth & Mary were going to get stung.. I mean they were.. EVERYWHERE… Apparently one..or 12, got TOO close to Mary while I was taking this picture.. lol Love it. 😉  I still have TWO weddings to blog.. I’m so behind. But it’s so hard to choose my favorites from a wedding. So, while I’m still thinking, and shrinking, and watermarking files on both of those, here’s some more goodness from the session that I had on Saturday with Kenneth & Mary. This was my first Day After session.. which is something fun for ALREADY married people to do. Why spend sooooo much money on that gorgeous dress to only wear it once. It doesn’t matter at all how long ago it was that you actually wore it down the aisle. lol I don’t know about you but in all of my wedding photos, I looked sweaty, nervous, stressed, .. TOO tan (from going tanning every single day up until my wedding)…on the verge of throwing up .. by now I’m sure you’re getting a visual image. lol But it’s true.. most married women feel that way about their pictures. Let’s have a do-over without all of that stress, crazy relatives, and make new memories with the person you promised to love and cherish till death do you part! Day After sessions are more relaxed, more romantic, more FUN, than you can imagine! Instead of looking like you did in your wedding pictures.. lookin at your brand new husband with nervousness, freakin out over learning how to cook and do laundry for their first time, how insane your new in- laws are.. oh wait… we’re talking about you, not me! ha 😉   ..At a Day After session,  you’re with someone you know like the back of your hand.. you’ve washed their socks oodles of times. You’ve burnt more strips of bacon for them for breakfast than you’ve turned their favorite white shirts, pink. You know they will NEVER put that toilet seat lid back down.. EVERR… or put their dirty laundry in the hamper,..but you know what?  You love them.. with all of your heartdespite their flaws.. and they love you with all of their heart, despite yours!  This is love, folks

 Mary MADE that painting herself. She’s an EXTREMELY talented artist. I saw this sign and got little visions in my head of couples buying these to hang at their wedding or reception, and then hanging it in their new home.. is that weird? Want one? If so, I can hook you up with Mary’s e-mail address… just let me know!

you two are SOOOOOOooooo good lookin’..