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Sneak Peek

We used LOTSA new props today. This speech bubble chalkboard is alot of fun!

& this giant red heart shaped balloon. {That took me 3 weeks to get in.. grrr!} It didn’t act right at the start of the session.. So I was like.. Put it in front of your faces.. lol & I thought it’d look.. weird. ..but I’m kinda diggin’ it.

This was Mary’s idea, & I think it’s grand!

BAHAHAHAHA!! I could be having an absolutely horrible day, and this shot would bring me right out of it. Thanks you two for being so fun!



Mary Musick

Man KK you is AWESOME! lol. The sock and shoes one cracks me up. And the ballon one where he is floating away….it really looks like he is floating away!


Looks Great You do a Awesome Job!!!! When I Get Big I want to be Just like YA 🙂