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Sneak Peekage plus happy anniversary to my blog. :) haha

This month makes a WHOLE STINKIN’ year that I’ve been doing this whole.. “blog” WOOHOO 🙂  I love my blog. I don’t get that many comments, but I know you’re reading it, because I have ESP can see my blog stats! If you’ve tried to go to my website in the past week, you’ll notice that it’s gone..  I deleted it. Why? First of all,.. because it wasnt getting NEAR the traffic my blog gets.. 2nd, after each session, I was having to update my Facebook page,… then update my blog,.. and then update my website?? That’s just too much updating.. I’ve got THREE boys that don’t understand what .. “sit down honey, and dont beat your brother to a pulp while I’m dealing with a flash website!” means…. I’m cutting my extras.. that aren’t necessary 🙂     You can see whatever you want to on my facebook page at     or while you’re at work and cant FB, (how lame is that?? hahah) read what I’m up to and see current sessions (with MUCH better quality pictures) on my blog!   So, I emailed Go Daddy, and my website host, WIX,  and told them.. Hasta la vista, baby!  🙂  Well,.. not really in those exact words! haha Blogs are sooo much more personal,.. websites are cold.. distant.. and just.. NOT ME! But hey, I gave it a good try.  If you have a blog, and you like people to read them.. why not add a comment with your website link to this post! I’d love to get to know you better!

PS.. It’s soo hard to blog.. and NOT post photos.. SO I’m going to post some sneak peeks from my session last night!
Kara & her cutie patootie, Kenleigh 🙂


Sooooo pretty!


Kara….you look just like Morgan in some of these pictures! Beautiful!


if there was a ‘like’ button on your blog…i’d so push it! lol Love the pic with them wearing sunglasses and sitting in the cornstalks!