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Sneak Peeks.. for two sessions

WOW! I am SOoooooooooooo far behind. lol  Here’s some sneak peeks for Kasandra in her prom attire from yesterday’s session, and for the AMAZING family that I had a session with today. My favorite sessions are probably family ones.. because there are SOOOOOOOO many people.. and pretty much everyone keeps each other entertained, and everyone is so welcoming.

& from today’s family session. Check out these extremely beautiful grandkids!  🙂

She was bashful, but with a face like that, who’s gonna mind? lol NOT me 🙂 Look at this cutie-patootie!


WOW! Those look soo good! I have got to get my family working on our family pics again!!

Kayla D.

Golly KK…. AS ALWAYS…each and every one is super fantastically awesome. I just love your style!