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SINCE 2008

sneaky peek {part dos!}

sun flare, sun flare.. 😉

you two rawk!;) To get the jeep shots, I squatted down into the ground like I always do,.. didnt matter if I was sticking my kneecaps in cow-poo, mud,.. or what-not.. however,.. what I didnt expect to stick my knee-caps into was cactus growing out of that cow-poo & mud. lol I had to get tweezers to remove a couple of the {.. is it thorns? well that’s what it looked like..} out of my left knee when I got home. lol Never expected cactus!!! Ever!..but it was sooooooooo worth it to get a cutesy shot like this one..hehehehlol this picture.. makes me happy 😉 I love her sunglasses, and I <3  the sun flare! I never get sick of it.