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The Ball Family {Paris, Texas Family Photographer}

Still trying to play catch up on some blog posts!

Moms, if you are stuck in a rut trying to figure out.. “HOW DO I DRESS MY FAMILY!?!” for photos.. this is the blog for you.

This family was dressed PERFECTLY. Yellow, Black, CHEVRON, stripes, even floral! .. accessorized with scarves, and ties! Hello, Photographer’s DREAM!.. I mean,.. what more could you want?!


Hopefully these pictures will give you some wardrobe inspiration.. and what a pretty family to look at, too!

That’s some good DNA, folks!

The mom in these pictures is actually my twins’ teacher at school.. and they just LOVED watching me edit the photos.

And they were very impatient with the whole editing process as well.. I heard lots of .. “Hurry UP, Mommy! Mrs. Ball is ready for her pictures!”

hahaha <3

I had so much fun with this beautiful family! My ribs hurt from all of the giggling!

Thanks again!!!



Here’s some of my faves from the session <3


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