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The Brandenburgh’s {Paris, Texas Family Photographer}

Another family I’ve fallen for! We braved the cold for a good 20 minutes and that was about all we could stand. lol But the images were perfect and I honestly cried while editing them. (which isn’t the first time I’ve done such a thing.. but.. lol needless to say, I was a mess. )  Such an amazing family with SUCH huge ginormous hearts! I can’t really go into detail about their story, but it’s been such a privilege to capture such precious moments for you guys. I’m truly honored.



seriously?? I die. ABSOLUTELY my fave. Guys aren’t that bad lookin, either. 😉 & Izzy has them all wrapped around her perfect little pinky! Izzy, you lucky lucky girl! <3I had joked with these two, “Man your future children will have amazingly beautiful hair!” hahahaha


Kristin, you have captured some special moments for our family this last year. I can’t wait to get landon’s senior pictures done and hopefully you can capture some moments when he comes home from the Marines 🙂 thank you for everything you have done and we look forward to many more sessions to come.

Much love,
Lisa Brandenburgh