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The Byers + the Moore’s = ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY :)

A few weekends ago, I met up with Ron & Allison Byers and their daughters Courtney, & Happy .. plus Happy’s husband, Michael, & their adorable little girl, Sophia or as they call her “Sophie”.. to do a session. Let me add, Sophie definitely has this entire family wrapped around her pinky.. 🙂  Michael got us the hook-up and we were able to do the session at the Gibraltar Hotel here in Paris.  The Gibraltar was a thriving hotel back in the old days, & it was even damaged during the huge Paris fire of 1916. It was re-opened but shut down sometime during the 1970’s and has pretty much been vacant since. When I was a little girl, I heard several stories about it.. like how my great great grandfather would disappear for like weeks.. and would be there,.. gambling.. and being a little rowdy I’m sure and ofcourse.. that it was haunted. lol!  Anyways, you can find out more info about it here. Shooting at the Gibraltar was like a dream come true for me! The creepy, vacant walls on the inside were the perfect backdrop for pictures. The crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling on the 1st floor was absolutely beautiful. I’m not sure how old it is.. but I’m willing to bet it’s older than me. There were a couple of old Crystal candelabra’s sitting on the bar that I made sure to get a shot of as well. Someone had a huge wedding reception weeks prior to our session, and there were tons of stuff labeled HOTEL GIBRALTAR leftover that I posed the family around. It was SOOOOOO fun… and flipping amazing to be able to go inside. Thank you guys for the opportunity of a lifetime!


& now.. onto the Byers & the Moore’s 🙂

Emily J

Oh MY! I am amazed how beautiful these pictures are! You did an amazing job with such an amazing family! LOVE Happys hair! KK if our family pictures come out half as good as these,then girl I’m going to be beyond pleased!

Courtney Byers

OHHHH KK~You did SUCH an AMAZING job!!! I Love ALL of these!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!!!


GREAT GREAT GREAT job KK!!!!! Mom and DAD LOVED THEM and SO DO WE !!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!! LOVe ya girl!!!!


You know your super! 🙂