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the fair!

Wednesday was a really busy day for me. I had a session with 3 month old Logan… who is just.. amazingly HUGE and adorable! & I just LOVE the name Logan. It was actually on my list of baby names back when I was pregnant with Mason.

Logan’s mommy posted this picture on her Facebook. As you can see, I was showing Logan how handsome he was in his pictures and she took a picture of us.. You’re so sneaky, Leslie. lol but, I just loooooooove this picture! Logan is just fascinated! Maybe he’ll be a photographer some day!

& then me and my Jeremy (my hubs, pookie, baby daddy- he has a lot of nick names 😉 ) took our 3 rotten boys to the fair!

This year was FUN. The kids are all old enough to ride some of the more exciting “kiddie” rides.. and even though thanks to my gastric bypass surgery, I couldn’t enjoy a funnel cake, fried Twinkies, or fried snickers.. I did nom nom nom on a turkey leg (hello, protein!).. and then after I finished what I could, passed it to my 3 year old who chowed down on it.. and then he passed it to Daddy.. who happily ate the rest.. and proceeded to devour more carnie food than I’ve ever seen any human eat. I hope he put on 5 pounds. haha. 😉 & I say that with love..

There was a petting zoo full of farm animals and the SMALLEST baby pigs I’ve ever seen totally caught my eye. I couldn’t really get a good picture of them.. 🙁 I only brought my 35mm lens. I did see several other photographers out and about and maybe you guys might be able to see a better picture if you see any of their stuff. Those pigs were SO cute. Some people gave the boys these funny little hats to wear that had horns and ears on them, and this little goat followed Mason all thru the petting would sniff of the ears on the hat.. I’m not sure if it thought that Mason was his brother or what.. but it was really funny! Those goats were WILD. One of the goats was eating something off the ground, and one of the baby pigs (who was probably the size of a guinea pig) ran toward it and the goat picked the baby pig up with it’s horns and flung it up in the air and the poor baby pig landed right on it’s back.. it seriously broke my heart! I wanted to pick it up and check on it but the rule of the petting zoo was “do not pick up the animals!” so.. it got up and ran off and hopefully that little booger was okay.. mean ‘ole goat!

We also saw a magic show with birds.. eh.. it was okay. half way thru, the boys were like.. BORING! Can we go now!!??! and so we got up and left. lol There was also a show featuring monkeys that rode on dogs.. but we missed both showings! booo!

& then it was off to the rides! The kids rode the carousel, and then onto a little helicopter ride. Nolan rode on a plane with a little boy and I think Nolan scared Nolan was acting wild, and turning his steering wheel fast and shaking the plane.. (boys will be boys) & it was freaking the kid out.. that silly Nolan. 🙂  Then a little mini roller coaster type thing that Jeremy had to ride too because Mason is still a little short.. it was funny to watch them all, and I think Jeremy probably enjoyed it more than the kids did. The carnies were all SUPER nice this year. In the past I’ve had negative experiences with them.. but they were all very sweet to the kids.. and when we paid for the boys to play games.. (like trying to win a goldfish, or a stuffed toy).. they gave them extra tries.. they probably figured out the boys had their mom’s hand-eye coordination and weren’t going to win anything anyways! LOL 😉

Several people commented on Noah’s bald (but now totally FUZZY) head.. and it was funny. Some thought he had cancer, some thought he had a cool haircut.. but in the end he’d tell them..”NO! My hair all fell out! I don’t have eyebrows or eyelashes either!” lol & then I’d explain to them that he had alopecia, and he was perfectly healthy.. just didn’t have much hair. He’s so informative to people.. which makes me proud. Alopecia isn’t something that everyone knows about and it’s my goal to get more people informed..and apparently, it’s Noah’s goal too! 🙂

now.. onto pictures!

here’s you a view. 😉even the bird wouldn’t look at me. LOL

By the time we got home.. which was late… We remembered that the twins had homework.. woops. lol.. and after all that was finished..the kids took their baths.. and then it was time for a bedtime story..which is my favorite time of the night…all those good night hugs & kisses & I love you’s & last moments of silly-ness before they clutch onto their favorite stuffed animals and drift off to sleep.  There’s nothing like the feeling of having your babies surrounding you, snuggling you, and being totally loved by you. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Goodnight, moon.

Krystal Smith

I would have to agree, Bedtime is just that extra moment to reflect on the beautiful blessings we have!!:) Love this blog and of course the pics!:)

Shelly Keller

Oh I just love this!! Your boys sure are sweet, Kk;)