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SINCE 2008

The Hindman’s {Paris, Texas Family Photographer}

I just love this family.

& I love how Mr. Troy does his own thing.. and he’s cool with that.

& You know what? I’m cool with that too.

& He’s cool with ditching me and my camera… and riding his bicycle all over his woods. & I say “his” woods.. because they are certainly.. his.. woods.

Ashley is always great about getting her family together for pictures and dressing everyone so cute and coordinating everyone so well,.. even though I know how much stress all that entails!. & Ethan is always a good sport and smiles even though I’m CERTAIN he’d rather be doing other stuff. (kinda like Troy? And his ditching me to explore? Hey wait a second.. you don’t think that maybe,.. just maybe.. Troy could be like his Daddy… could he?? & I’m pretty certain that I think this might be true… Especially considering that I have known Troy’s Daddy since he was Troy’s age.. and.. hey whatdoya know.. Ethan was very much his own little self.. but he was cute then, too. Just like Troy.. And with a face like that,.. you can get away with anything. Including leaving your photographer in your dust while you go ride a trail that’s much more entertaining than she is. haha!

Little Miss Audrey is all chubby rolls and smiles and I could just.. sneak her in my camera bag and take her home with me… and dress her up in hair bows and tutus..  but I’m sure her Mommy would miss her entirely too much! So until next time you gorgeous baby, you!

I had fun you guys! You seriously are such a sweet family and a genetically blessed one at that.. it’s honestly not fair.. I mean you should at least have like a weird ear or something to make it more fair for the rest of the world.. but no! lol 😉

With this session, I was going for more of a lifestyle approach. I wanted to just hang out with these guys..and document it along the way.

I wanted to show the love..

& I wanted to show the snuggles.

& I wanted to show the chaos.


Because all of that is real. Just like these guys.

Check this awesome family out! <3

Audrey loves to sneak her hand behind Mommy’s back, and pull on Mommy’s hair. lol & she thinks it’s hilarious. lol (& so did we.)& Troy loves to sit on his Daddy’s shoulders while Daddy jumps up and down trying to get him to smile. 😉 (& It worked,.. it really did)eat your heart out, ladies!Motherhood in all it’s glory.Troy. Leaving me. In his dust.look at those squishy cheeks! 
She’s totally waving at me here. Don’t you think? Hi Audrey. I’m a huge fan of those blue eyes of yours.


Talented photographer. Talented writer. You captured the essence of this family.


Great job kristin. Gorgeous as always ash!!