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SINCE 2008

the Hoffmaster’s :)

The Hoffmaster’s were a very sweet family, although I will say the most random thing happened during our session. While I had the family together, the daughter whispered to me,.. “there’s someone taking a picture of you”….. & sure enough.. I turned around and some guy with a DSLR aka “big fancy camera”.. lol.. was walking towards us. He then asked my family if he could take a picture of them.. it was very awkward. The guy went on to tell us he was from New Mexico and he took a few more pictures and walked away. lol.. TOLD YOU IT WAS RANDOM! 😉 As you’ll see through these pictures, the Hoffmaster’s are definitely beautiful people and I can see why the photographer wanted their picture. 😉



Cute family!! Loved the pictures in the woods.
Just like KK to go somewhere and something akward to happen…Heck you don’t even have to go live with 4 guys!!