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The Hoxie family! :)

This is another session that ROCKED! I’ve known Robyn since .. ahh. … elementary age? We went to good ‘ole Chisum together. lol Robyn has had an amazing life since our high school graduation. She’s been EVERYWHERE it seems. lol She moved to Chicago & met her husband while she was up there. They have since moved to Colorado with their two precious children! I jumped at the chance to see Robyn (while she was in Paris for Thanksgiving visiting her family) and to do a mini-session with her and her family! They were all super sweet! I love their style and color choices.. fit them all VERY well. Little Halle wasn’t as enthused about the photo-shoot as we wanted her to be.. but her little tears were adorable 😉 Thanks again Dena for booking their session, & Robyn it was SO great to see you again and meet your family! For more on Austin & Robyn’s story & how they are changing the world in Colorado, check out their personal blog!

& As always, you can see more images from their shoot on my facebook page: