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As you’ll see, these photos contain Christmas ornaments. lol Yes, I am still playing catch-up.. but the sad thing is.. I’m playing catch-up from NOVEMBER. Keep in mind, everyone has been given back their photos.. but in order for me to have been able to do that, I had to put my blog posts on hold. Now I have time to get caught up! 🙂 Emily & Jeremiah, and their cute little patootie, Sawyer, met up with me back in November to do pictures that Emily would be using as Christmas gifts. Emily decorated a tree with ornaments, and we proceeded to make complete idiots out of ourselves to get Sawyer to smile. LOL I laughed.. and laughed.. Seriously… I came home and my ribs were hurting. lol Had alot of fun with you guys! Sawyer is precious! Yep.. we were acting like a bunch of goobers here for sure.. I was using my famous “meow” sound.. And Sawyer’s Aunt was making a sound that sounded like something you’d hear from a tribe of indians. LOL We joked that if someone was nearby,.. they would seriously be freaking out wondering what was going on. lol But we were able to get some really funny faces out of Sawyer! Ya gotta do what ya GOTTA do!! 😉& like always, you can see more from this shoot at:

Thanks Jeremiah, Emily, & Sawyer for giving me some entertainment on a cold evening.




Thanks so much for these great pictures! Everyone had a fit over them! We had a great time with you that day and I love how our tree made an appearance in everyones pictures!!