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The Perkins’ Family

A family that I’ve been photographing since little boy Bleu was in his Mommy’s tummy, had me back for a session back in the fall. Sadly, I’m just now getting around to blogging these. And I say sadly. because it’s sad. This was one of my most fave sessions of 2013. And one of the last sessions I shot before the weather decided to turn all “The Day After Tomorrow-ish” lol!

Tierney & her best friend, Leslie.. run a business.. You might have heard of it.. Wild Bleu. It’s kinda big on Pinterest. I mean, seriously.. it’s everywhere. I see it all the time.

Not that I’m on Pinterest, all.the.time.. no sirrr.. 😉

They have a website: Click Here to Shop!

& an Instagram: Click here to admire!

& a Facebook: Click here to stalk!

And some incredibly UNIQUE things for sale.

Check them out. Tell her that Kristin sent you. Who knows.. maybe she’ll throw in something free. Like a business card. 😉 hahaha

Again! LOVEEEEEEEEE this family!

& They’re totally beautiful.

& Well styled, of course.