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SINCE 2008

the post to catch up on everything!

I know I haven’t blogged a session in a million years. And I have taken photographs of SO many beautiful and amazing people over the past few months and it sucks that I have literally just .. ignored my blog.. If you want to keep up to date on my current stuff.. please check out my facebook fanpage: HERE!

So let’s go back.. I’m going to post ONE picture (and that’s going to be so incredibly difficult) from each session.. and from each wedding that I have photographed.. because seriously… that’s like asking me to choose which one of my children are my favorite.. and there’s no way I could ever do such a thing! (asking me again, when my three boys become teenagers.. I MIGHT change my mind 😉 )..

so without further ado..

Tierney and her family.. I seriously love this family. Some of my most favorite people in the entire world!

The Dane family.. this married couple gave me some AMAZING shots.. seriously.. Loved the theme Tiffany wanted to do..

& the stormy day totally set the mood for our vintage session.

The Creighton Wedding..

Cody.. you are a VERY lucky man.. Lindsay.. you were so stunning! & Cody you weren’t that bad lookin’ yourself!

Such a beautiful night.. & Thanks for allowing me (& Leslie Croy) to be a part of it.

The Allen Wedding..

Molly & Billy.. omgosh.. There was never a more perfect night.

Molly, you seriously are an amazing person.. & I am so happy to have spent that whole day following you around.

The Ballard family!

Very easy session! Some of the cutest girls I’ve personally ever seen 😉

This was my favorite from their session.. I call this

“how to squish a daddy”

Koren and  her terrific family! Such an amazing family.. with SUCH an amazing house.. drool! Koren’s mom told me about how many people they had over for Thanksgiving..

& they seriously fed a whole bunch.. I love that. To be so giving and so loving and wanting to spend such a family oriented holiday with so many people around your table.

Such a blessing!

Brittany’s daughters!  :0) cutie pies.. looooooooved how mommy dressed them 😉

Kelly Johnson and her family!  Kelly’s brother, Elvis and his fiancee drove all the way from Oklahoma City for this session..

The images were gift to Kelly & Elvis’s mom for Christmas.. I hope she loved them.. I had so much fun with you all!

My baby cousin turned one.. and he’s like his cousin KK.. he loves cake 😉

oh boy, do I miss cake. Thanks for eating enough for me too, Cayden. 😉

I got to see Addy again for her Christmas session.. She is seriously one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen.. & I get to see her again

in just a few weeks for another session 😉 She was smiling at her grandpa here.. He seriously made her day.. she was sick during the session..

and he showed up.. and.. let’s just say.. she is a grandpa fan.. plus check out her toofies!!! 😉

I photographed a future mom & dad 😉

who were so pleasant to be around.. & you could just see how excited they were that they were going to soon be parents.. You’ll see

baby Will soon.. if I ever get over this virus I’ve got and can get him into a germ free studio!

Monica hog tied her little brother and forced him to do a family photo for a christmas gift for their mom. 😉
WOOPS.. I mean.. he volunteered for that family photo.. hahaha 😉

love these guys!

April and her amazing children..

April you are such a lucky, lucky woman!

Okay.. and that caught me up to 2012..

which have all been studio sessions so far. Thank GOD for my little studio.. because of the crazy weather.. it’s definitely kept babies out of the cold this year..

& plus I get to use my dog, Dorie.. to help get 6 month old’s attention. hahaha (shhhh! dont tell anyone who my secret assistant is)

& check out.. MR. JANUARY: Riley Barnes.. who I call.. ” My chunky love muffin!”

this was from his 6 month session. hahaha! eat your heart out playgirl magazine 😉

& another one on my baby plan.. baby Caenon.. who also celebrated his 6 month birthday.. I seriously love the poo out of this kid..

as well. 😉  (he was a HUGE fan of Dorie.. my furbaby assistant.. I had to give her a snack for being so good)

Meagan became a new mommy.. and motherhood looks great on you.. seriously.

& your men are so incredibly handsome!

The Simmons’ twins….. oh my.. did I have fun remembering how twins were. I seriously missed how little my twins used to be.. compared

to how big they are now.. Enjoy them Eric & Dallas.. they grow up SO fast.. Your girls are beautiful 😉

Rhealie turned ONE.. 🙁 .. my babies are seriously growing up on me!!

I did two boudoir sessions.. but HA.. 😉 not going to post them.. maybe I’ll get to someday. 😉

My friend Kristi welcomed a new little girl into her family.. and seriously.. Preslee is just as beautiful as her big sister, Harlee.

Also photographed Blane.. and WOW.. he is the best behaved little boy.. EVER!

Then I scheduled Valentine Mini Sessions!

Dorie was my first guinea pig.. she totally loved it though.. Don’t let that face fool you.

& then onto the rest!

I even let my twins in on a session since I had a cancellation due to sickness.. they had fun 😉

okay! & that’s it! For now! I’ve had to cancel three sessions since I’ve had this crud going around.. which SUCKS.. So as soon as I get to feeling better.. and I’m not contagious.. I promise to stay up on this blog, more.. Don’t hold me to that though. haha