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The Rickman’s {Mommy & Us}

Brandy had her oldest, Jesse in December of ’05.. I had my twins the following May. 3 years later I had Mason in May of ’09, & she had Samuel the following August.. then the next year.. BAM she had Kaytie Jo.. in October. LoL  If you’re keeping count, final score is 3 to 3. buahaha 😉 Notice I said FINAL score 😉 Or at least on my part.. Brandy if you want to continue playing the baby making game,.. you’re on your own hon!

Nana Burks

KK I love ALL your photography. I love your wit, your charm, & most of all your talent with the lens. Thanks for the friendship, Love, B

Brandy Rickman

Thanks KK I love them all. Lol Yay I win! Are u sure u don’t want one more?

Kristin LaRue

LOL Pretty sure I’m finished!!! This last one has done a number on my nerves. lol