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SINCE 2008

the soon to be Tubb family <3

Brian & Kimberly are both friends of mine on facebook.. and hardly ever does a day go by that I dont see posts like this:

“Well here we are 4 more days till I get to marry a beautiful young woman named Kimberly who has my heart no less than 100%. Now here is my promise to you. I will never let you shed a tear but for happiness. Cry without a shoulder to wipe your tears on and always be the man that you fell in love with instead of just doing what I need to to get by with your heart. I’ll be your rock and your comfort and show you a endless love as the one you deeply deserve.

To my future wife and my best friend I’ll love you forever.

Love You Babe”


Brian and Kimberly are just.. omgosh .. one of those couples that declare their love for each other ..seriously. I get on my facebook.. and there’s hardly ever a day that goes by that Brian doesn’t post something THAT deliciously romantic on Kimberly’s facebook wall.. or Kimberly doesn’t post something oozing with love on his! I have honestly never seen two people so full of love for each other.. and I’m so incredibly happy for the two of them that they have found each other.. and so incredibly happy for Kimberly’s little girl that she gets to live a life surrounded by THIS much love. & Brian & Kimberly are getting married THIS weekend! 🙂 So.. this is the reason for my early blog on them.

Congrats to all three of you

on your new beginnings.

On your new family.

& most of all.. having so much love for each other and not being afraid to express it.

If only everyone could experience that much love.. the world would be such a much better place, I think 😉

Sharee Whitson

Amazing pictures!!! I just love them!!;)