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The Stene’s! {Family Session}

I met up with a sweet family on July 3rd.. The weather was calling for a crazy chance of rain.. I honestly didn’t think we could pull it off.. The session started at 5 .. and on my way there it was already sprinkling.. I kept my fingers crossed that we could get through without getting SOAKED. lol .. The Stene’s showed up with a DREAM photographer’s assistant (Grandma!) to keep the kids looking at me.. FABULOUS idea.. FABULOUS.. she had this amazing little toy that made this crazy sound that made the baby smile and look at me. BAHAHHA:) (Thank you.. SO much for helping me, you’re a LIFESAVER!) 😉   Anyways,  everyone in this family is GORGEOUS.. i mean.. handsome ( for you guys) .. I couldn’t STOP finding pictures to give to back to you.. So I hope you love them, and it was SO very nice to meet you. Your beautiful smiles are contagious, & I hope you treasure these photos forever!

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xoxo, Kristin


Awesome!! Beautiful family!