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The Watkins {Family Session}

Meet the Watkins family. They love the outdoors and I think the spillway was the PERFECT place to show that.  I’m friends with Courtney via facebook and her facebook status updates leave me in stitches.. Her boys are ALWAYS up to something.. hunting this,.. killing that.. giving haircuts ;).. I couldn’t WAIT to meet them when she booked her photoshoot.. and let me tell you.. they are absolute angels. 🙂 Very sweet kids.. have really good manners  & they have the BEST freckles I have ever seen.. yup. I do look for stuff like that ;).. Courtney thanks SO much for letting me take pictures of you with your guys! Yall are AWESOME! 🙂FRECKLES!! LOVE THEM!Have you ever seen a more perfectly placed freckle?!?! LOVE!


awww…what cute kiddos!! Amazing lookin’ family. I’m really diggin’ that location. Great job as always KK!