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There’s something about Mary..

Remember my blog post with the Musick family?

if not.. this should refresh your memory…

Mary has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome & needs your help. She is starting a new treatment called Prolotherapy and insurance doesnt pay for it. Her awesome family is starting fundraisers to help pay for the treatments. Here’s how you can help. Go to this link: & subscribe to all of your favorite magazines! 40% of EVERY sale goes towards Mary’s prolotherapy treatments. Plus clicking on the link will tell you more about EDS & all that Mary has been through. She’s a VERY strong person! Please help out as much as you can & keep her and her loving family in your prayers!

Both Kenneth & Mary wear support bracelets for EDS.


I will put Mary & her family in my prayers, and I will go to that site! Stay strong Mary!

Mary Musick

Thanks for the support and prayers from everyone! The school did a blood drive for me and another co-worker of mine yesterday. They are splitting the money the raise between us. I am so blessed to have such good family, friends, co-workers, students, and church family!
Thanks again!


Just placed an order! My husband asked me to fill out a little post card type thing the other night so he could start getting deisel power magazine..I remembered about this and actually got it cheaper through Mary’s website then what the post card had. So glad that it helps Mary & my pocketbook! Mary, my prayers are with you and stay strong!!