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Tis the season

Christmas is getting close,.. do you have your Christmas Cards purchased, yet? If you’re anything like me.. you’re shaking your head “no”.. aren’t ya.. ? lol! Well, Just a thought,..why not make your cards extra personalized this holiday season? Santa is cute on the front of a card, but I promise you that you and your family are much, much cuter! Contact me & let’s do a family portrait session soon! 🙂 When you get your pictures back from me, go online to my partnered website with and check out their holiday photocard inventory. Their cards are sooooo super classy and fresh! Simply upload your favorite “Christmas” picture on their website, and they will make the cards with whatever template you choose, mail them to you, you can sign your names to them and mail them off to your loved ones!! Isnt that so much better than buying the ‘ole boring box of cards from Wally’s?? I think so too.