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SINCE 2008

Triple threat {Maternity, Triplets, Paris, Texas Photographer}

Say hi to Tiffany.

See that belly?

Would you believe it if I told you… that there are 3 babies in there?
Yes. 3.

That was not a typo.


Two boys.

One girl.

& Would you believe that Tiffany was put on bed rest in the hospital just a few days after this session?

So strong.

So brave..

good Lord.. I’d be freaking out..

but no. As you’ll see from these pictures..

Tiffany was ready.





Wearing heels, for crying out loud.

I think her motto is.. If you’re gonna do it,.. do it well.

And honey, you did.

You did it fabulously.

You’ve put every mother of multiples (myself included) to shame.

Because you flat out looked AMAZING.

& me? I looked like a pregnant beached whale.

No joke.

& I only had two babies.

I’m so proud of you. SO proud.

God has blessed our community richly with the birth of these babies & I look forward to watching them grow & grow & grow.

(newborns will be posted next)

I tried to do something different with these.  I wanted them to be very vivid and dramatic.. and I played a lot with shadows. Just a hint of light here.. and there.. and *sigh..

so dreamy!
Give her some love! She’s EARNED it. lol