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Wednesday night bliss

Last night, me and the kiddos went out into the backyard to build some sandcastles and to burn off some energy they had from being cooped up all day while the temps outside soared into the 100’s! I took my camera along ofcourse 😉

look at my snookums 😉those happy smiles.. and then THIS!My Nolan & his favorite hat..Noah’s extremely dirty hand from patting sand in the bucket 🙂Nolan yawning.. It was around 8:00 or so .. which is time for Blues Clues, bathtime,.. then ..bedtime. It’s sooooo hard to look at this picture and NOT yawn myself!Noah pushing Mason 🙂You gotta love a man that would risk utter embarrassment to push his baby brother in his swing while wearing Incredibles “wonderwear”Some of my neighbors pretty flowers 🙂 & Mason’s.. “MOMMY I AM BORED AND DONE WITH THIS!!!” lookI love how he always sticks his left foot up over the top of his seatjust so he can play with his toes..Busy BUSY weekend.. I have two sessions on the books and my niece’s 5TH birthday party!! OMGAH! she’s starting Kindergarten this month. That just breaks me!   xoxo, Kristin


I know what I’m getting my poor noah for christmas…. Fitting jeans and matching flip flops lol and they all get soap

Kristin LaRue

LOL he didn’t want to wear any britches & he chose his own flip flops.. he even wore flip flops just like that to walmart today. hahaha