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Wow, just.. WOW!! :)

If you follow my blog, a few months ago, I took pictures of Mary Musick & her sweet hubby, Kenneth in their wedding attire. Mary & Kenneth loved the pictures SOOOOOOOO much that Mary showed up at my door, a few weeks later… with me a gift. THREE gifts.. that me and my family will treasure.. FOREVER! 🙂 Yes,.. it made me cry! lol I’ve been meaning to blog about it for a while now.. Mary is an amazing artist and she painted pictures of my honeys that I had posted on facebook from Easter Sunday! I was AMAZED, SHOCKED.. SURPRISED!.. I have them hanging above my desk so that I can look at those sweet faces anytime I’m stressed, up late at night editing pictures.. and it amazes me how she really did such a fabulous job painting them. Each picture shows each completely different personality of my little men.. Noah and his goofyness, Nolan and his shy & sweet smile.. Mason and his big toothy grin. I’m in love with the paintings.. if you are interested in having Mary do a painting for you.. please let me know.. You won’t be disappointed. You will treasure it forever.. & it will be an AWeSOME thing to pass down to your kids,.. grandkids.. ect someday!      The paintings are on a 12 x 12 canvas and are ONLY $50 buckaroos!! worth EVERY penny!!

Noah 😉

the picture that inspired the painting:

Nolan 😉

& the picture that inspired the painting:

& Mason 😉

& the picture that inspired the painting:

Amazing???? YES!!! AWESOME??? YES!!!    Happy Mommy here.. that’s for sure. Thank you so much, Mary,.. I will treasure them forever.. and ever!!!


Just picked up an amazing potrait mary did of my nephew….it was beyond words….mary is very talented and i am anticipating the ones she is currently working on of my girls….thanks mary!!!